How your kid's math course works

Students are introduced to numbers. They learn through reading, writing, counting, comparing, ordering, adding, and subtracting. Students solve problems and encounter early concepts in place value and measurement. They also study two- and three-dimensional figures.


What will children learn when they take math classes?

During 1st grade, children will then learn addition and subtraction facts, two-digit numbers, some adding and subtracting with two-digit numbers, and some basics of measuring, time and money. One extremely helpful manipulative to buy is a basic 100-bead abacus (10 racks, 10 beads in each). This is the prime “toy” to teach numbers beyond ten. With such an abacus children will naturally learn their “tens and ones”.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children aged two and a half to five years old are encouraged to explore their potential!

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Mrs Badmus

My child loves learning, can think critically, and has an amazing educational base. Both kids are comfortable speaking in public and they have great memories with wonderful role models
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